zaterdag 27 april 2013

Finally an update

Hey all,

After an ownership change (it is still me just a different name) and a long time no programming for me I finally picked it up again. I have been busy with a different blog. By working on that blog I automatically came here again.
I wanted to use a form to calculate something in blogger but that proved to be quite a task for me because of a few things:
1. I haven't programmed in a while
2. I know next to nothing about java-script
3. I know nothing about HTML forms.

But I am stubborn so I had to keep trying.

So here I bring you how to add a form in a blogger post.

Start by going to the HTML edit option
And copy paste(I make it in notepad++) or write your javascript and form here.
One of the hardest things for me was that as soon as I used a button it would refresh the page. I haven't found a button that would work in blogger so instead I gave all my input stuff(like text boxes) an
That way it updated automatically. Without a button. I hope to find a working button soon but for now this will do :)
I might just post the code from my Gauge Swatch calculator here if anyone wants it.

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